Senior Master Shawn Strunsee
6th Dan Master Instructor / Owner / Lead Black belt Instructor

International Master

Junior Olympics Taekwondo Coach

+20 years in martial arts training & instruction

Accredited International Master Instructor

USA Nationals Taekwondo Competitor

Cycling and Motorsports competitor

Senior Master Jerome Hajewski
6th Dan International Master Instructor
Senior Master Matt Burdick
5th Dan Black Belt Instructor
Senior Master Eric Eberhardy
5th Dan Master Instructor
Senior Master Abner Fernandez
5th Dan Master Instructor
Master Henry Schwichtenberg
4th Dan Master Instructor / Lead Instructor Southwest YMCA

Master Schwichtenberg loves teaching and has been practicing taekwondo over twelve years. Master Schwichtenberg enjoys weight training, hiking and is an avid mountain biker. He also enjoys building dreams where he works at Harley Davidson.

Master Eric Peterson
4th Dan Master Instructor / Lead Instructor at West Suburban YMCA, Southwest YMCA, and WAWM Recreation Dept.

Master Peterson brings over 20 years of Taekwondo experience and enjoys first and foremost Taekwondo but also bicycling, technology, and the great outdoors. Master Peterson stays busy with 4 kids, a full time job at an Aeronautics company, and teaching 2-3 days a week

Mr. Justin O`Rorke
3rd Dan Black Belt Instructor / Lead Instructor Waukesha YMCA
Mr. Mike Stridde
3rd Dan Black Belt / Assistant Instructor
Mr. Tyler Easton
3rd Dan Black Belt / Assistant Instructor
Mr. Nicholas Schwichtenberg
3rd Dan Black Belt / Assistant Instructor
Mr. Vishisht Kahre
1st Dan Black Belt