Dragons Swag

DTC will place orders for apparel several times through out the year. We will announce when those dates are in class , on facebook, and on the DTC website.


Uniforms are $40 cash and  are purchased through Dragons Training Center.

To purchase a Uniform please see your head instructor for sizing.

Uniforms are not required for the first session, but will be required before the first testing.

Uniforms should be cleaned before each class, but belts are never washed

Sparring Gear

A mouth guard is required by every student at High-White belt level and above

We do not require a specific model and you can purchase a mouth guard at any sporting good store.

Sparring Gear is required at the Green Belt level, however we encourage students to purchase gear as soon as possible. We do not provide sparring gear at the school, and you may purchase your own sparring gear or utilize our recommended kits below.

Please see the following approved and recommended sparring gear sets…

Sparring Gear -includes all gear needed 

Pine Tree Complete Cloth Martial Arts Sparring Gear Set

High end Adidas Sparring gear