Uniforms are purchased through Dragons Training Center, include the Dragons Logo on the back, and  a white belt. They will not be required until the student is ready to test for High White Belt.

Please talk to Master Peterson, Master Schwichtenberg, or Master Hajewski about obtaining a uniform.

Uniforms are typically $35 and payment can be either Cash or Check (made out to : Jerome Hajewski)

Image result for sun uniform sizing chart


Testing 12/16/17

Testing is upon us, and many of you have been pretested already. Those of you wanting to test, you must be pre-tested before being allowed to go to testing.  Talk to Master Peterson or Master Schwichtenberg about pre-testing. Poomse will be the first item checked, so you must be confident in your current form. Be sure to review your curriculum!

12/16/17 Southwest YMCA

White Belt registration 12:45pm -1pm

All other Belts registration 1pm -2pm (registration closes at 2 pm)