New Students

Welcome to Dragons Training Center Taekwondo.

Dragons Training Center (DTC) is led and instructed by Kukkiwon Certified Instructors:  Owner and International Master Shawn Strunsee, Lead instructors Master Eric Peterson, Master Henry Schwichtenberg, Master Justin O’Rorke, and Mr. Nicholas Schwictenberg.

DTC’s Taekwondo program is an exciting balanced blend of tradition, science, modern training methods, and fun, with a strong dose of reality. You will find that once you become a member of our Taekwondo family that we have the best value Martial Arts programs in the Milwaukee area and we strive to work with each student to the best they can be in Taekwondo .

We welcome all Taekwondo students from any school and will honor your belt standing. Students who practiced different forms/poomsae will be required to learn all the Taegeuk forms and our curriculum items up to their next belt level before being approved for testing.

If you or your child is getting started in their Taekwondo experience, we want to thank you for starting out your journey with Dragons Training Center (DTC). DTC’s goal is to provide a great Taekwondo experience at very competitive prices. We have seasoned Instructors teaching every class, with many supporting instructors to help at each class.

Getting Started in Taekwondo and Dragons Training Center

  1. First .. If you or your student did not receive a new student guide at class, please click here
  2. If you are a beginner please print out the white belt requirements here
  3. Students are not required to purchase a uniform right away, but it will be required before the student is allowed to go to testing.
  4. We encourage our students to practice at home and those students who can successfully complete requirements on the curriculum will be approved for testing.
  5. Testing is typically held on the 2nd Saturday in March, June, September, and December. However we will communicate the actual location, date,  and time before hand. The testing fee is $50 cash or check only made out to “Dragons Training Center”, with discounts available for families.
  6. It is very important to be early for each class and begin stretching to prepare for class.
  7. Proper hygiene must be displayed at each class, with trimmed toenails and a clean uniform. (belts are never washed)
  8. An integral part of our Taekwondo program is teaching respect, self-discipline, and physical fitness which often lead to increases in self-esteem and self-confidence.
  9. Our belt system:
    • White
    • High-White
    • Yellow
    • High-Yellow
    • Green
    • High-Green
    • Blue
    • High-Blue
    • Red
    • High-Red
    • Deputy Black
    • Black

The techniques that are taught to students in class can cause harm to themselves and others if not practiced properly. If a student abuses the techniques that are taught in class and injures someone (in or outside of class), we reserve the right to expel them from the school at our discretion.

Training Tools

Dragons Training Center Curriculum and TrainingTools


Curriculum – all belt levels testing requirement


List of WT Taekwondo Forms – Video & Written Instructions

 Training Videos
How to tie your belt:

Korean terms and commands

  • Chung sa nim – head instructor of school
  • Sabum nim – master instructor (4th dan and up)
  • Kyosa nim – instructor (not a master 1st-3rd dan)
  • Sunba nim – senior student
  • Simsa kwan – examiners
  • Gup – rank usually referring to colored belts / students
  • Dan – rank referring to degrees of black belts
  • Keh – command “to face”, in reference to people
  • Kungye – bow
  • Kamsah hamnida – thank you very much
  • Kyorugi – sparring
  • Poomsae – form
  • Choon-bi – ready stance
  • Charyut – attention
  • Seijak – begin
  • Goman – stop
  • Baro – return to starting position
  • Dora – turn
  • Kungye – bow
  • Chun-jo – meditation (sitting on feet) 
  • Diuroh dora – about face
  • Taegukgi – Korean flag
  • Geukgi hyang ha kungyae – “face the flag and bow”
  • Dobok – uniform
  • Dhee – blet
  • Dojang – school or place of training